We purchased our BottleRock passes months ago when they first went on sale; however, we neglected to plan ahead for childcare. Now, here we are, just a little over a week away, and good luck finding a babysitter! So…to BottleRock we go.

Our mornings start out — and most evenings end — with a dance party in the kitchen, so there is no doubt our daughter will have a blast attending a music festival (although I am going to have to give up Death Cab for Cutie for Ziggy Marley). And, luckily for us, BottleRock is as family-friendly as it gets. Kids 6 and under get free admission with a ticketed adult, and new this year, kids get their own Little Rocker wristband, which will register important family contact information so festival staff can reconnect separated families.

Once inside, be sure to visit the Family Zone between 11:30 am and 6 pm for daily jam sessions, fun hairdos, family services and other kids’ activities.

See you in the Zone, and remember to bring proper ear protection for your kid’s ears as the music can get pretty loud.

Holly Krassner Dawson
Talia’s Mom

BottleRock Family Zone for Little Rockers

BottleRock’s 2016 Family Zone partners include the Boys & Girls Club, Connolly Ranch, Friends of Scientopia, Le Petit Elephant, Napa Music Supply and The Parlor. Here are a few of the activities you’ll find in the Family Zone:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Napa Valley will provide kid- and family-friendly activities including jumbo checkers, jumbo ConnectFour, cup-stacking, bubbles, and button-making.

Connolly Ranch will have a variety of yarn, string and ribbon to turn ordinary sticks into special, magic wands…exactly what every Little Rocker needs. They will also have other hands-on activities using natural and or re-used materials, such as using egg cartons to make flowers and caterpillars, or toilet paper roll owls.

Le Petit Elephant is hosting a private and comfy area for mothers to breastfeed, warm a bottle, bottle feed, and/or pump. Diaper changing stations will be available for your convenience as well!

Napa Music Supply will be hosting a ukulele and percussion hour with Kala ukuleles, shaker eggs and tambourines so the little rockers can have their very own jam session. They’ll learn some simple and easy play-along songs so everyone can have some fun.

Scientopia will be making musical instruments from recycled materials, plus they’ll have their big foam blocks to play with (anyone who’s been to Scientopia know how much kids love to play with those blocks).

More information can be found here.