Over the summer, our neighborhood got the kids together and each house was responsible for a fun activity. Our family provided the ingredients to make sushi candy. The sushi party was a hit with the littles as well as the older kids! My son loved it so much, he requested candy sushi for his birthday treat instead of cake or cupcakes. This would be a fun activity for Halloween or the upcoming holiday festivities. 

Full disclosure: Making sushi candy is not my original idea. I am writing this to save you a trip to four stores and tell you exactly where in Napa to find the ingredients! It was the “seaweed” that was hard to find! If you want authentic candy sushi, you need green fruit roll-ups. My kids told me that Jolly Rancher made green apple fruit roll-ups. They were right… except I could not find them at Target or Walmart. I finally found them at Lucky’s located at 2355 California Blvd. in Napa.

This recipe makes about 40 Nigiri-like sushi. You can have fun and make sushi rolls as well.


3 tablespoons of butter

One (10 oz) package of jet-puffed marshmallows

6 cups of krispie rice cereal (generic brand is fine)

Cooking spray

Ten Jolly Rancher Green Apple Fruit Roll-ups (I was only able to find them in a Betty Crocker variety pack with Watermelon at Lucky’s)

Three (3.1 oz) boxes of Swedish Fish. (Trader Joe’s also sells Scandinavian Swimmers Gummy Candy Fish that would be fun to use.)

*Optional candy sprinkles for “caviar” toppings


1.     Make the rice krispie treats

In a large pan melt the butter over low heat

Add the marshmallows and stir until melted.

While the marshmallows are melting spray a 13 x 9 x 2-inch pan with cooking spray

Remove the marshmallows from heat

Stir in the krispie rice cereal

Using a spatula coated with cooking spray or wax paper evenly press the mixture into the 13 x 9 x 2-inch pan. Cool.

2.     Cut the Seaweed While the rice krispie treats are cooling unwrap ten green fruit roll ups. Cut them into four strips.

3.     Cut the Krispie treats Once the krispie treats are cooled, cut them into 40 rectangles. I used the Swedish Fish candy to help me measure the perfect shape.

4.     Have fun with it! Let the kids assemble the rice krispie treat topped with a Swedish fish and wrapped with the fruit roll-up.

We used candy sprinkles as caviar and an extra sugar rush! The kids were really creative.

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