Description of Offerings:

You are going to have a great time on our factory tour. You’ll start with a colorful, broadcast-quality, five-minute video that has appeared on national TV. This video is really fun to watch no matter what age you are! Then it’s out the door with your tour leader and you’re walking right on the factory floor. You’ll get up-close and personal as you watch thousands and thousands of Mrs. Grossman’s stickers being printed, die-cut and perforated. And wait until you see how talented our press operators are as they combine art and technology to print the perfect sticker! Your tour guide will tell you fascinating sticker history stories and little-known facts as you stop at six different work stationsAnd one of the best parts is that at each stop - you’ll get free stickers! At the end of the tour it's on to our Company Store to make a one-of-a-kind sticker art project. Reservations are required.