Napa Valley Ballet is dedicated to enriching the youth of our community by providing a quality classical ballet school for those seeking an education in dance. We are committed to maintaining high standards of technical training, fostering the love for dance as an art form, and promoting individual growth, respect, and personal discipline. The quality of our program is designed for both the serious student seeking a career in dance or teaching as well as for the student who wants the benefits of ballet training that will last a lifetime.

Students are offered professional level training that both challenges and nurtures. Students are encouraged to work to their own personal potential, learning how to use ballet technique to strengthen the needs of their individual body types. While serious training is offered, the joy and freedom found in dance is also important, stressing artistry and the beauty of movement. Our classical ballet program teaches focus, builds confidence and self-esteem, and improves posture and physical strength.

Napa Valley Ballet was founded by and is operated by our families. We are a 50l (3)c nonprofit organization.

Description of Offerings:

Napa Valley Ballet is a community of families and dance professionals whose interests and passions are committed to providing excellence in classical ballet training for boys & girls ages 3 to adult. Napa Valley Ballet is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.

Birthday Party Information:

Come Celebrate Your Super Hero or Ballerina Birthday with Us!

The two hour adventure or princess fairy tale begins when you and your friends arrive. The fairy queen will assist you and your dancing friends into magical costumes just in time to start your movement or ballet class. Twirl and dance like the Swan Princess or fly like your favorite Super Hero with our professional dance teacher and helpers for 45 minutes.

After much leaping and dancing, join the fairy queen in making a special ballerina crown or super power bracelet. Finally, eating your birthday cake is the only thing left to make your birthday dreams come true.

We provide a warm and inviting atmosphere in which to learn and celebrate like a real super hero or ballerina! We will provide tables, chairs, music and crafts. We will lead in games and dance fun for everyone to enjoy.

$250 per booking (including up to 12 children)

$75 non-refundable deposit required

The party features: •15 minutes to dress up in a fantasy costume, •a 45 minute class, taught by one of our professional instructors, •a 30 minute craft project… and… •a half hour designated for cake, snacks, presents, etc.

Party Times

Saturdays: 3:00-5:00PM Sundays: 2:00-4:00PM

Other times available on request and as studio space allows.

Parents are welcome to bring food and party accessories for their children’s party for set up 30 minutes prior to party.

Please email for reservation.

Camp Information:

We have many Summer Camps available, please check our website schedule!

Types of Dance:

We offer classes in ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop dance for ages 3 year old to adult. We also offer tumbling for dancers, Princess Ballerina and Super Hero Tumbling classes.